About Us

About KIXSH Fragrances

At KIXSH Fragrances, we understand that investing in high-quality perfume can be a significant expense, and that's why we offer premium fragrances at a fraction of the cost. We know just how crucial it is to stay fresh and confident all day, every day, and we make it our mission to make that happen for you.

Prestigious Perfumes for a Price You Can Afford

Our fragrances are inspired by the most prestigious perfumers and fashion houses in the world, yet come at a price point that everyone can afford. Established by the dynamic duo of King and Kianda Shaheed, we bring the world of luxury fragrances to everyone who seeks an indulgent experience.

Our exclusive scents are carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, from the design of the packaging to the delicate balance of ingredients inside. We believe that everyone deserves to feel special, and we strive to make that happen with every scent we offer.

Our perfumes and body oils are designed to transport you to a world of luxury, sophistication, and elegance, where you can bask in the glory of traditional craftsmanship without worrying about breaking the bank. We take pride in delivering superior quality and luxury that represents your unique personality.

Smell Good, Live Well

We make real fragrances for real people who aspire to embrace the finer things in life affordably. Everyone should have the opportunity to smell good, whether they're staying in or going out. 

Smelling good puts you in the right headspace and makes you feel unstoppable. However, we know that high-end fragrances can often come with ridiculous prices, so we offer the perfect alternative.

With KIXSH Fragrances, you don't have to settle for anything less than the best. Our scents are designed to linger throughout the day, pleasing you and everyone around you. We guarantee you will smell something you love every time you wear our fragrances.

We're dedicated to making your day or night vibrant, whether attracting compliments or simply enjoying the subtle charm of your favorite fragrance. Our products are made to be worn, loved, and appreciated daily to ensure that you experience the best of luxury at an affordable price.

Lavish Yourself - Guilt-Free Spending Guaranteed

KIXSH Fragrances believes in offering designer-inspired fragrances at a price everyone can afford. We understand the importance of smelling good and feeling confident, and we strive to make this accessible to everyone. Our collection of perfumes and body oils promises to transport you to a world of delightful scents and fine craftsmanship, inviting you to indulge in a truly unique experience.

Shop with us today and experience the finest luxury. We guarantee you won't be disappointed!