My Perfumes Don't Last Long

My Perfumes Don't Last Long

Why don’t my perfumes last long?

Wondering why your perfumes don’t last long? There's a direct correlation between your skin regimen and how long your fragrance lasts. Dry skin and fragrance don’t mix well. When applied to dry skin, the scent evaporates quickly.

How to smell irresistible all day?

Our Hydrating Body Oils are the perfect pre-perfume moisturizer for keeping your skin hydrated and enhancing the intensity of your favorite fragrance. The delicate blend of oils helps keep skin hydrated and locks in fragrance for a longer-lasting aroma. Formulated to cling to skin, it ensures your perfume lasts longer and is more easily absorbed. Try layering any of our oils under your scent for an extra special experience. With its moisturizing properties, your scent is amplified and absorbed more effectively, creating a truly irresistible scent.

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